With all that is happening in the country right now—the Mamasapano massacre, particularly the Fallen 44, the rising tuition fee set to be applied to schools for the next academic year, the emerging possible corruption issues—people tend to turn to the president as the root cause, or at least, a huge part of it is because of him.

The content of news right now, whether on the radio, on print, or on television, is directed to the current head representative of the Republic of the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III. There have been countless disputes regarding the way he runs the country, and innumerable questions about the things he has done, good or bad, and what these things actually brought to the table as far as the country’s stability and chance at a better future is concerned.

Students from the University of Santo Tomas had the chance to interview some of the more “influential” people in campus to find out what they think about “Noynoy” Aquino and whether or not they take his side or the opposition.

Editor in Chief Ralph Joshua Hernandez of The Varsitarian, the official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas, was asked if he agrees to the protest of many to put down the president and demand him resign.

He said, “For me, no, kasi, first, political experts would argue that the six year presidency is too short para makagawa ng long-term reform, so kung puputulin niyo pa yung si PNoy, mahahamper yung progress na nagawa niya.

Second, yung cause ng pagpaparesign sa kanya is yung sa Mamasapano, na hindi pa nauuncover yung details, yung buong kwento. Kaya pag pinaalis siya dahil dun, mapuput into risk yung stability ng country natin. Mas magandang makuha muna lahat ng detalye tsaka gumawa ng concrete action pag tapos na yung investigation.

Last, ‘pag naalis si PNoy, syempre, si Binay ang magiging president. Sino ba ang may gusto nun?

Almost the same point would be recommended by Assoc. Professor Anita Garcia, currently a member of the Faculty of Arts and Letters’ Dean’s Council.

Given our political landscape right now, and given all the problems we are struggling through, we should not think of anything that will seriously rock our political system right now. No matter what your perceptions are of PNoy, I think we should also learn to look back, what he was able to do, and the people who believed in him.

But I don’t disregard the feelings of the people in general regarding Mamasapano, and the inadequacy of the way he delivered his tasks as the chief commander and as the head of the republic. There were many gaps and lapses.”

Indeed, despite majority of Filipinos believing the President should step down and be impeached, there are still others who have faith in him and rely on him to tilt the axis so to say and break free from his current status, to regain his country’s trust.


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