what LIES ahead

If you are one of the many thousands of students in AB who have parents labouring to ensure a steady future for you in whatever field you are taking, some very good news is coming your way.

Students have had a chance to sit down with Ms. Leigh Bagtas, the president of the JournSoc or the Journalism Society, regarding some of the matters in need of discussion following the recent so-called “open” forum entitled “Speak Up” held by the Student Council of the Faculty of Arts and Letters and its administration, which includes the council adviser, the faculty secretary, and the assistant dean.

As said in the previous article, it was held in rooms 112 to 116, also known as the lecture hall. The main issue discussed in the forum was the infamous 50K fund scandal although other affairs were brought up, including many roaring suggestions of making the student council officers step down.

Ngayon ko lang nalaman ‘yan,” Leigh Bagtas reacted when she was asked if she and the other presidents of the BOM or the Board of Majors had planned to be part of the hearing on the subject of the issue. “Wala silang sinabi. Kailan niyo nalaman ‘yan?” she disowned, when it was actually announced during the forum.

BOM is the impeachment tribunal in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, so when students asked if there is someone in the BOM is initiating an impeachment trial or at least got a complaint from the thousands of AB students, she responded with, “Wala. Wala kahit complaint or anything walang lumalapit sa ‘min, so wala rin kaming magawa kasi hindi lang naman pwedeng kami lang ‘yon kikilos kasi nga bawal.”

There was, although, a 4th year student from the college of Philosophy by the name of John Robert Magsombol, who unflinchingly demanded the current Student Council officers to step down. Regrettably, this does not mean that it will already be considered as a complaint. There are certain guidelines that must be followed. He has not filed a report to the BOM when it is actually required to.

Next, Ms. Bagtas was asked about what actions she and her co-members of the BOM would take if ever actual complaints and reports are filed. She said, “Edi babasahin namin ‘yong written report niya. And then, kami sa BOM, titignan namin kung ‘yong mga filed complaints nandoon siya sa constitution at na-violate nung ni-rereport. Pag napagkasunduan na namin sa BOM na tama nga at justifiable ‘yong report, tsaka namin kakausapin ‘yong SC na may gustong magpa-resign sa kanila.”

So, if you are interested, and want your voice to be heard regarding this subject matter, please do file a complaint. Everybody is being encouraged. If you believe that there are rules and regulations being violated, stand! Don’t be afraid because there are many others who will support you, and probably start a revolution with you and change the entire landscape of student government for the better.


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